About Us

Hi! Welcome to SunnieDog :)

Thanks for checkin us out, we really couldn't be happier that you're here. You see, back in early 2016, we seized the opportunity to create a fun and exciting new product and we absolutely love sharing it with our friends. We were tired of how much our floors were getting marked and scratched up, and how loud and slow our office chairs were moving, so, we came up with a solution! 

Inline Skate Style Office Chair Wheels!! We combined polyurethane skate wheels with office chairs and, boom, sheer amazingness was born. You'll never go back to traditional casters after trying on a set of SunnieDog's.

If you're looking for stellar performing, neatly styled, strong and durable, sleek design & easy to install wheels for your office chair, you need to try out a set of our casters. You and your chair will be very happy you did. If your not, just let us know and we'll make it right. We know that it's because of you that we're even in business. Thank you :)

SunnieDogWe get asked fairly often, "So, why are  you called SunnieDog??" Well, just like us with our office chair wheels, my pup Sunnie seized every opportunity (usually my dinner when I wasn't looking) and was always ready to take on anything fun and exciting (running, biking, swimming, stick, etc.). So, we named our brand after her. Thanks, Sunnie!

Here at SunnieDog we work really hard at what we do in order to provide you with the best products and service. We believe that you are going to absolutely love us. Please let us know if we can help. Thank you for stopping by! 


- Shawn