SunnieDog Elbow Pillows

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  • Reduces and Relieves Pain; by dispersing the pressure of your elbow at rest on a soft, cushioned padding provides substantial relief for those with elbow pain. Also, users find relief in their wrists as the pads elevate their arms and allow for better wrist alignment. Providing hours of pain free computing comfort.
  • Revamp your old, hard stock armrests and transform your chair to the most comfortable it's ever been!
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic, High Density Memory Foam; each elbow support has 1 inch of high-density memory foam and will comfortably fit chair arms from 6 - 10 inches long
  • Machine Washable; SunnieDog Arm Pads are designed and built with a zipper so you can wash the cover by simply removing the memory foam. Just add the cover to the wash and use cold water and detergent for a fresh clean.